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Sports activities

In the immediate proximity of the accommodations stands a runway for paragliders Lijak and windeglide pilots that is nicely ordered and accessible. The runway is well attended and also a convenient excursion meta.
Sports activities The surroundings offer a number of forest roads, suitable to longer or shorter walks in the nature, cycling, horseriding and even mountaineering. Here it is possible to pick forest fruits and mushrooms.

Close is also a small sport centre, Lokve, where you can play mini golf, tennis or volleyball, rent sports equipment and have lunch or dinner. In winter it is possible to ski on a ski slope, sledge or go cross country and even perform one's own "ski jumps". After a straining day it is time to rest and relax in sauna or with meditation. If you wish for a different meal you can find resting places by the forest roads with corresponding spaces for picnics.

The runway Lijak

The stream Lijak is well known among the paraglider pilots around the world because it offers advantageous conditions. Paragliding is possible also in winter, even when strong north-east wind blows in the Vipava valley. Lijak is being developed and it's becoming more and more attractive for different events. In the year 2002 the national championship, which was also the preparative for the world championship in accuracy landing with paraglide in 2003, took place here.The parking place is neat and placed approximately a kilometre from the village of Trnovo. From the parking place there are about 5-10 minutes of walking to the runway. The later is grassy, wide and appropriate for all pilots. The start is 581 m above the sea level and the landing 65 m level in the locality of Livešče.

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